Geography: The Countries and Territories of Africa

The following are the countries and territories of Africa: Africa Country Capital Official Language(s) Demonym  Algeria Algiers Arabic Algerian  Angola Luanda Portuguese Angolan  Benin Porto Novo French Beninese, Beninois  Botswana Gaborone English, Setswana Batswana, Motswana  Burkina Faso Ouagadougou French Burkinabe  Burundi Bujumbura Kirundi, French Burundian  Cameroon Yaounde English, […]

News: “Jewish Revival in Madagascar” – JTA News

Shalom everyone! The following is a video clip from the Jewish Telegraphic Agency (JTA) about the Jewish revival in the African island nation of Madagascar. Earlier this year, about 121 members of the Malagasy people officially converted to Judaism under the supervision of three Orthodox rabbis. The conversion […]

Geography: The African Diaspora

Shalom everyone! The African Diaspora, a term coined in the 1990s, refers to communities throughout the world that have resulted from the movement throughout history of peoples from Africa. These dispersed African communities are found primarily in the Americas (North America, the Caribbean, Central America and South America), […]

Tehillim: Psalm 100 – A Psalm of Thanksgiving

Shalom Everyone! Psalm 100, also known as “Mizmor L’Todah,” is traditionally recited during daily preliminary Jewish morning prayer services as part of the Pesukei D’Zimra, except on Shabbat, Yom Tov of the Festivals, Chol HaMoed of Pesach, and days before Pesach and Yom Kippur. The Pesukei D’Zimra are a group of […]

Film: “Falasha – Exile of the Black Jews (גלות של יהודי אתיופיה ביתא ישראל) Beta Israel” (1984) – Simcha Jacobovici

Shalom everyone! The following is a film called “Falasha – Exile of the Black Jews,” which tells the heart-wrenching story of the plight of Jews of Ethiopia. The film, written, directed and produced by renown historian and journalist Simcha Jacobovici, was first released in 1984. It is important to […]

Film: “The Jewish Kingdom of Kush” – Beta Israel (Ethiopian Jewish) History – Documentary – Ibrahim Omer

Shalom everyone! The following is a documentary about the ancient Jewish Kingdom of Kush, presented by researcher Ibrahim Omer in 2013 at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey in Monterey, California. The research supports the theory that the Ethiopian Jewish (Beta Israel) community are direct descendants of the […]